Thanks to our professional, knowledge-based approach to the outdoor advertisement, a significant part of our activities is focused on, and directed toward, research and development. As a result, to give just a few of many examples, Sima Ara Co. was the first company to use concrete car bridges (e.g. Mirdamad bridge, Gandhi bridge, Kordestan bridge, etc.) as locations for outdoor advertisement. Research and development in Sima Ara Co. are divided into the following categories:
1- Identifying new locations and spaces for outdoor advertisement.
2- Identifying recently introduced international advertisement technologies, and in case of finding an appropriate harmony between them and the national policies for advertisement, using localized versions in our projects.
3- Designing innovative engineering-based structures. One example of such innovations is the strategic billboard.
4- Maintaining the non-standard old advertisement structures.
5- Saving energy by using the novel systems of luminosity and solar panels in the construction of billboards.